Join Emily Gibson, The Anchored Therapist, a licensed therapist located on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, as she helps you navigate the waves of trauma and healing, no matter what life’s storms throw at you.

Emily A Gibson, MS, LPCC
Mental Health Therapist


A few years ago, Emily began an intensive journey to become aware of, understand, and cram as much information about emotions, neurobiology, attachment, trauma, and narcissistic abuse as she could into her head, both to help her private practice therapy clients and to learn more about herself and her own experiences. For years, she recognized that traditional cognitive behavioral and solution-focused therapy techniques were only getting her clients so far, and they were preventing deeper, more body- and emotionally-focused work.

The Universe led her to take well over 100 continuing education hours learning the beautiful techniques of Emotionally Focused Therapy, which then led to Internal Family Systems therapy training and beyond to dozens of hours on neurobiology, attachment, trauma, and narcissistic personality disorder, not to mention all of the books, podcasts, videos, articles, blogs, and other related work she consumes on a daily basis.

After seeing how effective using this knowledge has been for both herself and her clients, Emily realized that she had too much information to share with just the 25 clients she sees per week and decided to find a way to reach more people in the hopes of helping them also to navigate the turbulent waters of healing. She is passionate about ongoing study and development in the field of complex trauma and narcissistic abuse recovery and would like to welcome you aboard The Anchored Therapist!

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Anchored Therapy

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