By Emily Conboy, MS, LPCC

This blog post was going to be about how I went from being my dentist’s worst nightmare to one of his best patients by finally finding a way to make a daily flossing habit stick (hint – I used the Tiny Habits method discussed on one of this week’s Podcasts of the Week), but I decided to take things in a new direction this time around and talk about a different *change* I’m making here at The Anchored Therapist.

I’ll admit it, my most recent experience with writing was in my doctoral program – writing consisted of lots of research, synthesizing large amounts of information, and churning out pages and pages of academic papers. 


But it was what I knew, my familiar. Our nervous systems pull towards the familiar, so it makes sense I’d write the way I know how.

However, in the interest of self-awareness (see Issue 3!!), I have been making myself open to feedback and ideas for how to improve my content, even if the feedback has been uncomfortable or made me change my approach. 

Even though it can totally suck, it’s important to be open to feedback that can lead to positive change.

My younger brother, Jack, has been at this content thing for a few years now, and he’s been an invaluable resource. “Em, you need a lot more “white space.” Too long of paragraphs is tough on the reader.” Ummm…. you mean to tell me that LESS is actually more here? Apparently so! 

So I’m owning it and changing the blog format. If I’m sharing info about making lasting changes, then I’m going to recognize when I need to change something too. I’m making it easier to read and digest the information in smaller bites so you actually want to read what I have to say. And I’d love feedback as I’m navigating these waters of change – feel free to suggest content or topics for future issues!